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DYNE's 2023 Year in Review: A Year of Innovation, Collaboration, and Impact

DYNE's 2023 highlights a year of innovation and growth, featuring strategic expansions, funding successes, global recognitions, and impactful community engagements.

DYNE's journey through 2023 has been nothing short of dynamic in the landscape of technology and Canadian startups. DYNE's year has been marked by innovation, resilience, and growth, from joining multiple accelerators to expanding into new territories, securing many strategic and technical partnerships, and earning recognition across North America.

Navigating the Tech Ecosystem in Alberta and Ontario

Kicking off with a strong start in Q1, DYNE joined the OneEleven Cohort in Toronto, positioning itself among Ontario's most innovative companies. This experience helped DYNE be among experts to expand operations across Canada further. Later in Q1, DYNE expanded its operations to Edmonton. We hosted an industry event co-hosted by Edmonton Global, a significant milestone for the Alberta tech sector. The event provided a platform for investors to share their perspectives on Alberta's vibrant innovation culture and DYNE's future expansion plans.

As the months progressed, DYNE's presence gained momentum, culminating in its March induction into the esteemed Plug and Play Tech Center in Calgary. It provided access to a noteworthy network and refined strategic visions.

Achieving Oversubscribed Seed Round

In a remarkable financial triumph, DYNE surpassed expectations by securing $2.25 million in an oversubscribed seed round, surpassing the initial target of $1.5 million. This financial backing fueled DYNE's ambitious growth plans and catalysed extensive research and development of the DYNE Dashboard.

Graduations & Global Recognition

DYNE accomplished two major graduations in 2023. DYNE graduated from Microsoft Founders Hub in April and then from the HATCH program at e@UBC in July, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and potential for growth.

DYNE also expanded its global presence when the Consulate General of Canada invited them to represent Canada as one of the top six Canadian startups in San Francisco. This international recognition solidified the company's position as a North American startup ecosystem pioneer.

Moreover, several members of the DYNE team attended the Collision Conference in Toronto, one of the world's most significant startup events. DYNE actively participated in the event by showcasing its value propositions to a global audience by pitching onstage and via boothing.

Industry Accolades

Aligning with the ethos of supporting the industry, DYNE's Founder and CEO, Arnav Mishra, secured BC Business' 30 Under 30 Award. Arnav also won the esteemed Youth Entrepreneur Award and Emerging Tech Founder of the Year, both awarded by LOI, affirming the company's position as a leading player in the startup landscape.

Additionally, Devvrat, DYNE's Operations Lead, clinched the number 2 spot for the People's Choice Award at the Alberta Catalyzer, a standing testament to the calibre of talent within the company.

Media Features and Recognition

DYNE has been making strides in the Canadian business scene. We were featured in the Innovate Vancouver book launch and recognised as one of the top 100 companies in the city. DYNE's influence grew when it was named one of Vancouver's Startups and Canada's Top 15 Food and Beverage startups by Canada Venture News.

Parsa was also featured in several LinkedIn Lives with Jay Ashton, a renowned expert in the restaurant industry, discussing trends and featuring other experts.

Microsoft's National App Innovation and AI Lead, Michael Thibodeau, host of the Pitch Please podcast, invited DYNE to highlight our platform and its achievements. The podcast provided insights into DYNE's journey and vision while discussing how our machine-learning models revolutionise our clients' operations.

We also remained committed to collaborative initiatives with our partners, including launching a co-marketing sustainability piece with MarketMan and contributing to Lightspeed HQ's article highlighting AI's increasing prevalence in the food and beverage industry.

Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

DYNE actively participated in several volunteering and community-building initiatives across Canada. From supporting food banks in Vancouver to volunteering at soup kitchens in Toronto and organising a food drive in Edmonton, DYNE demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility and reducing food insecurity. DYNE also actively hosted events such as the Kitchen Conundrums panel in Edmonton, where the audience brought up industry challenges for the panellists and discussed how DYNE could solve these issues.

DYNE hosted its inaugural DyneFest and its successor, DyneFest 2.0, DYNE's exclusive food festival featuring local restaurants in Toronto. The festival partner restaurants provided special discounts during the period and saw a drastic increase in foot traffic.

Furthermore, DYNE collaborated with Microsoft and the League of Innovators, where DYNE's CTO, Parsa Riahi, was a panellist at their Under 30 Founders event. This event allowed young founders to network and provided a panel for prominent speakers from Microsoft, LOI, and DYNE to engage with young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, fostering inspiration for the next generation of tech leaders.

Inspired by the Under 30 Founders event, DYNE hosted a successful event with Microsoft, OneEleven, and MaRS Discovery District, bringing in over 100 attendees, including other startup founders, investors, and tech experts to network with. The team and attendees finished the night by engaging in a spicy chicken wings challenge in DYNE's true foodie fashion.

DYNE continued its commitment to the hospitality industry by sponsoring the Golden Owl Awards in Vancouver, showcasing its support for recognition in the local community.

Technological Advancements in the DYNE Dashboard

Many technological advancements have come to the forefront as DYNE launched new features in its dashboard, offering enhanced restaurant management and operations tools. With an interview from Vancouver Tech Journal to kick off our summer launch of new features and continued improvements throughout 2023, DYNE is at the forefront of the restaurant AI tool space.

Expansion into the US

November marked a pivotal moment for DYNE as it expanded into the US via Washington state, representing its first foray into the American market. Participation in the Washington Restaurant Association conference and booth presence signalled a strategic move towards international growth. DYNE's solution arrived at the right time as the Washington minimum wage continues to increase in 2024, severely impacting restaurants. DYNE continues to push into the US market by establishing clients in the Washington region, developing its American partnerships and ongoing market research.

Year-long Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships

Throughout the year, DYNE forged numerous technical partnerships, including collaborations with tech giants such as Oracle, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. The tally of partnerships exceeded 40, showcasing the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. DYNE actively participated in multiple accelerator programs and formed strategic collaborations with organisations and companies like MITACS, InnovateBC, IRAP, Canada NEXT Founders Accelerator program, Tap Accelerator, The Acquisition Group, RBCx, UBS, and KMPG.

Embracing a Visionary Future

As DYNE bids farewell to a transformative year, the company is excited on what's to come in the future. The commitment to revolutionising the restaurant industry through advanced analytics and technology remains at the core of DYNE's values. The accomplishments of 2023 serve not only as markers of past success but also as springboards for the continued evolution and impact that DYNE aims to make in FoodTech. As the new year unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in DYNE's journey—one that promises innovation, collaboration, and continued success.

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Written by
Luna Crawford

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