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Logan Macqueen
Urban Forest Bistro Owner
It has been a pretty positive experience. The program is really great, making many tasks significantly easier for me than they would otherwise be. The assistance I receive from everyone at DYNE is fantastic.
Jade Li
Shen Sushi Owner
I share my budget and my idea. Then they can exactly implement it. You know, DYNE understands the requirement set by me. So, that's the reason why I partnered with DYNE.
Serah Noel
Milano Casa Manager
I've never been one to trust in new tech, but the DYNE team helped me every step of the way and now my restaurants are hardly ever empty! Plus I spend way less on this than I do on UberEats.
Andrew Van
Bella Roma Manager
It was great to have the restaurant fully booked tonight! I am happy to see the students enjoy their time here. I hope that the DYNE team are also happy; I believe we can have these events every Sunday from now.
Zaya Agbo
Gallery Patio and Bar Staff
We have never operated at such capacity, however, it was totally worth it. We enjoyed working with the DYNE team, and we would be happy to host numerous such events again.
Jay Ashton
"Canada's Restaurant Guy"
DYNE is not just technology; it's a growth catalyst for restaurants of all sizes. Their innovative approach to dynamic pricing, automated staff scheduling, and inventory management is a game changer.
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