Dyne is the best way to connect and discover local eats for foodies while scaling restaurants with novel AI

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5 min
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of restaurant seats are empty, except with Dyne

Networking and dating apps suck.

Dyne helps you to establish friendships with people we know you'll love with the Dyne-ing experience to connect you! 

For years, we struggled to "click" with people we met on various social apps. After thousands of interviews and many all-nighters, we came to a simple conclusion: other apps lack the ability to provide a unique experience that people can bond over. 

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    Dyne App
    Dyne helps you connect with friends old and new, join communities based on your interests, discover hidden gems and exclusive events in your city, and  rewards you with coupons and gift cards – all in just 5 clicks!
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    Restaurant Dashboard
    The all-in-one restaurant marketing, optimization and analytics solution. We let you activate your off-peak hours in just 5 minutes a day to get hundreds more customers every week using exciting coupons.

Meet the team behind Dyne

We’re committed to making Dyne a great force for good in the community for all our users and restaurants!

Founder & CEO
Arnav Mishra
Co-founder & CTO
Parsa Riahi
VP of Engineering
Sidharth Grover
Eric Grosser
Marketing Manager
Luna Crawford
Business Development Manager
Mani Panahandeh
21k+ foodies and 700+ restaurants rely on us.
Here are some of our partners that make it possible.
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What we're all about. Our core values as a company.

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Customer-first. Everyday.

We never stop advocating for our customers and building products that meet their pressing needs.

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Dream big and always deliver.

We are ambitious. We dream big, but more importantly, we show up and do the work brings dreams to life.

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It's always Day 1.

We never bring yesterday into today's work. Each day is an opportunity to get better, and we are always seeking improvements in our work.

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Take ownership. Take initiative.

We empower our teams to be build products they believe and take on bold new ideas.

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Collaborate productively.

We appreciate the different viewpoints. Share openly, question respectfully, and commit fully together.

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Leave your mark.

We are here to make a positive difference in society, as well as make a profit. Collectively, we aim to leave things better than we found them.

Our Location and Availability

Where you'll find us.

Our team is spread across the globe. Some of us prefer a desk, some a cafe table. You can get in touch through our offices in every one of our cities, or just give us a call.

HQ Address

550 Burrard St #2900,
Vancouver, BC,
V6C 0A3, Canada

Working Hour

Monday-Friday: 9am – 6pm PST

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We’re in the papers!

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If you’re looking for a press kit or have a media inquiry, please visit our Press page for more information.

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