DYNE is the best way to scale your restaurant with more data than anyone else and for foodies to earn points discovering local eats 

Restaurant Revenue Growth
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5 min
a day helps earn a few hundred dollars / week
of restaurant seats are empty, except with Dyne

Business is tough, but help is here.

DYNE helps you to maximize your resources across your entire business by centralizing data on your customers, operations, and competitors to give you cutting-edge insights and automatically save you money + boost your margins!

During the pandemic, 3 million jobs and $550 million in revenue were lost in the restaurant industry. Everyone is forced to shift to low-margin delivery platforms like Doordash, SkiptheDishes, and Uber Eats to fill the gap. What if there was a way to keep your revenues while growing your margins? That’s what DYNE’s all about. Data-driven decisions made effortlessly in a few simple clicks!

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    Restaurant Dashboard
    The all-in-one restaurant marketing automation and supply chain optimization solution. We let you drive traffic, grow profits, and expand beyond with access to millions of data points across your business that activate your off-peak hours, reduce labor and inventory costs, simplify menu decisions, generate content, and so much more.
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    DYNE Loyalty App
    DYNE helps you connect with friends old and new, join communities based on your interests, discover hidden gems and exclusive events in your city, and rewards you with coupons and gift cards – all in just 5 clicks!

Meet the team behind DYNE

We’re committed to making DYNE a great force for good in the community for all our users and restaurants!

Established entrepreneur, consulting experience at Deloitte, made junior director of UBC’s largest consulting firm SCI, and made it to SCMP, and is in senior year of BTM (business-technology management) at UBC Sauder.
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Arnav Mishra
Founder & CEO
Parsa oversees the mobile app and machine learning development in Dyne’s 2 sided SaaS solution. He has a background in machine learning research with several papers. He is currently a 4th year Computer Engineering student at UBC.
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Parsa Riahi
Co-founder & CTO
Sidharth plays the role of an all rounded developer, leader and support with a vast variety of skills including app and web development and UI / UX. He is currently in his 3rd year of his combined degree in Computer Science and Statistics at UBC.
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Sidharth Grover
VP of Engineering
Eric focuses on the company’s strategic planning along with the day-to-day business operating systems. He previously served as the leading product manager. He is currently a 4th year Mining Engineering student at UBC.
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Eric Grosser
Luna leads the marketing operations and PR strategies for Dyne. She has led multiple marketing initiatives for several years in her career. She has graduated from UBC with a degree in philosophy.
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Luna Crawford
VP Marketing
Mani is leading the expansion of Dyne to the East Coast. He graduated from UBC with a degree in economics.
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Mani Panahandeh
VP Growth and Strategy
Kaede is the fullstack developer, focused on designing the technological infrastructure on Azure to ensure reliability, scalability and security. She also supports the team with DevOps to increase the team's velocity at delivering our product to our customers. She is currently a 4th year biology student at UBC.
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Kaede Ito
Fullstack Engineer
Nainika is a 4th-year Marketing student at UBC Sauder, seamlessly blending marketing expertise with HR insights. Adaptable and culturally aware, she embraces diverse perspectives to foster team growth, inclusivity and triumph.
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Nainika Sanghvi
HR Coordinator
Sianne spearheads DYNE's Alberta operations with a focus on strategic partnerships, community initiatives, and daily systems management. As a business owner in her fourth year of university, she skillfully integrates academic insights to blaze new trails for DYNE.
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Sianne O'Toole
Alberta Business Development Lead
21k+ foodies and 700+ restaurants rely on us.
Here are some of our partners that make it possible.

What we're all about. Our core values as a company.

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Customer-first. Everyday.

We never stop advocating for our customers and building products that meet their pressing needs.

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Dream big and always deliver.

We are ambitious. We dream big, but more importantly, we show up and do the work brings dreams to life.

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It's always Day 1.

We never bring yesterday into today's work. Each day is an opportunity to get better, and we are always seeking improvements in our work.

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Take ownership. Take initiative.

We empower our teams to be build products they believe and take on bold new ideas.

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Collaborate productively.

We appreciate the different viewpoints. Share openly, question respectfully, and commit fully together.

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Leave your mark.

We are here to make a positive difference in society, as well as make a profit. Collectively, we aim to leave things better than we found them.

31k+foodies and750+restaurants rely on us.
Here are some of our partners that make it possible.
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Our Location and Availability

Where you'll find us.

Our team is spread across the globe. Some of us prefer a desk, some a cafe table. You can get in touch through our offices in every one of our cities, or just give us a call.

HQ Address

550 Burrard St #2900,
Vancouver, BC,
V6C 0A3, Canada

Working Hour

Monday-Friday: 9am – 6pm PST

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We’re in the papers!

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