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DYNE Raises $1.6 Million in an Oversubscribed Seed Round

DYNE secures an oversubscribed seed round of $1.6M in Q1'23, with participation from notable investors in the tech industry. DYNE plans to use the funds to further develop their innovative analytics platform in order to enhance their operational excellence and value they're providing to their clients!

DYNE, the B2B SaaS company that specialises in providing in-depth analytics to the restaurant industry, is thrilled to announce that we have successfully raised $1.6 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round with participation from notable investors in the tech industry including Weave VC, Sprout VC, Inverted Ventures, and family offices.

The accumulated funds raised will be used to further develop our innovative analytics platform, which helps restaurants analyse their sales, inventory, and customer data while providing recommendations to help restaurants make better-informed decisions. Our goal is to enhance operational excellence by improving our quality of service and providing more value to our clients.

We also intend to boost our research and development process to train and patent ML models and provide precise revenue forecasting, pricing and customer sentiment analysis.

We plan to launch DYNE in new cities across North America, with our goal to gain more clients and help restaurants not just in the major cities, but across Canada!

"We are incredibly grateful to our investors and supporters who have helped us reach this milestone," said our CEO Arnav. "This funding will enable us to improve our platform and expand our reach to even more restaurants, and we can't wait to continue delivering exceptional value to our customers."

DYNE was founded in 2021 with the vision of empowering restaurants with data-driven insights to help restaurants make better-informed decisions to increase their top-end cash flow. Our DYNE Dashboard has quickly gained traction in the restaurant industry, and the oversubscribed seed round is a testament to our growing reputation and the confidence that investors have in our vision and potential to help restaurants improve their operations and profitability.

"We are proud to have the support of such a talented group of investors who share our vision for the future of the restaurant industry," said Arnav. "With their support, we are poised for continued growth and success as we work towards transforming the industry with our DYNE dashboard."

About DYNE

DYNE is a B2B SaaS company that offers AI-driven revenue and marketing solutions for restaurants. Our dashboard collects data from various sources, including customer satisfaction, foot-traffic, and point of sale integrations, to build a comprehensive "Dine-In" dataset. This dataset is then used to automate marketing, provide insights, and increase revenue for restaurants. Our product is unique as it offers a combination of AI-driven analytics and a community mobile app that connects people over food. Our mobile app provides continuous user sentiment analysis, coupon and event loyalty programs, AI market/pricing recommendations, and a competitive coupon marketplace. We are committed to empowering restaurants with data-driven insights to increase the revenue for restaurants in our post-covid climate. Our innovative analytics platform has already made a significant impact on the market, and we are excited to continue growing and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our DYNE dashboard please reach out to

Written by
Luna Crawford

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