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Revolutionizing Restaurant Efficiency: MarketMan and DYNE’s Impact on Waste Reduction

MarketMan and DYNE partner to offer F&B operators integrated solutions for improved forecasting and reduced food waste, fostering efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

November 8, 2023 - Today, Marketman, a leading inventory and purchasing management platform for operators, and DYNE, a F&B SaaS with a dashboard specializing in Generative AI Marketing and Supply Chain Optimization, announced their partnership. The availability of an integration between the two platforms offer F&B operators improved forecasting, more impactful suggestions, and eliminate unnecessary food waste. The collaboration between the two companies was a natural one as both aim to create solutions that make restaurants more efficient and sustainable.


In the fast-paced restaurant industry, effective inventory management and smart ordering significantly impact profitability. MarketMan addresses these challenges by providing a digital solution that eradicates manual ordering inefficiencies and minimizes food waste, ultimately enhancing profits.

Eliminating Manual Tasks & Using

Manual inventory and ordering often lead to over-ordering, resulting in substantial food waste and lost profits. MarketMan addresses this by automating processes, empowering restaurants to calculate food cost percentages, identify profitable items, and receive efficient reporting.

Digital Connection for Cost Reduction

MarketMan digitally connects restaurants with vendors, revolutionizing the supply chain for accurate and timely deliveries. This reduces errors and food wastage, resulting in a significant cut in food costs and positively impacting the bottom line.

Cloud-Based Efficiency & Predictive Analytics

MarketMan's cloud-based platform significantly enhances inventory management, cutting food costs by 2-5% within the first year and emphasizing its effectiveness in improving operational efficiency. Through predictive analytics, MarketMan ensures optimal inventory levels with dynamic PAR ordering. This involves systematic data collection, intelligent demand forecasting, and automatic PAR level updates, streamlining inventory processes for proactive and efficient management.

MarketMan reshapes restaurant waste management by eliminating manual ordering intricacies, digitally linking the supply chain, and providing an efficient cloud-based platform. This multifaceted approach not only reduces food costs but also contributes to a more sustainable and profitable future for restaurants.


DYNE is dedicated to driving sustainability in the restaurant industry by providing innovative AI-powered solutions that focus on waste reduction, carbon footprint reduction, water conservation, and sustainable sourcing, through optimizing restaurants’ supply chain management and inventory management. Here are some key sustainability facts about DYNE that demonstrate our commitment to creating a greener future:

Waste Reduction

Through DYNE’s AI-driven inventory management system, DYNE has helped clients reduce food waste by 15-25%. By accurately forecasting demand and optimizing supply chain processes, DYNE enables restaurants to utilize perishable items more efficiently, resulting in significant waste reduction and increased profitability. With DYNE, restaurants find a partner that's dedicated to crafting solutions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a future where both the environment and the restaurant industry benefits.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

As a direct result of waste reduction, our clients experience a secondary benefit in the form of reduced carbon footprint. By optimizing supply chain processes and minimizing food waste, DYNE's solutions have helped restaurants decrease their greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 20%, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Sourcing

Alongside specialized tools for restaurants to streamline and refine their supply chain processes, Our AI-powered supply chain optimization provides valuable insights into the sustainability practices of various suppliers. This enables restaurants to make informed decisions and choose to work with partners that share their core values and commitment to environmental responsibility, further promoting sustainability and  responsible sourcing within the industry.

By focusing on these critical sustainability aspects, DYNE continues to innovate and expand its AI-driven solutions, helping the restaurant industry become more environmentally responsible and contributing to a greener future for all.

Written by
Luna Crawford

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