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Join the U30 Founder Lunch and Panel hosted by Microsoft and LOI!

Check out the exclusive U30 Founders Lunch hosted by LOI and Microsoft on April 14, 2023!

Are you a young entrepreneur looking to gain access to VCs and executives of established tech companies? Then mark your calendar for April 14th and attend the U30 Founder Lunch and Panel hosted by Microsoft and LOI at the Microsoft headquarters in Toronto.

This exciting event is designed to provide founders under the age of 30 with unique relationship building opportunities within the startup ecosystem, as well as two short panels with some of the most prominent speakers in the industry. And the best part? You get to enjoy an amazing lunch and refreshments while networking with like-minded individuals.

So, who are some of the speakers you can expect to hear from at the event?

Brittany Charlton, the founder of OhhFoods, Parsa Riahi, the CTO of Dyne, Al-Karim Jiwani, Paula Gamble, and Michael Thibodeau from Microsoft, and Melissa Allen and Joel Hansen from LOI. Each of these speakers has extensive experience in the startup world and will share their insights and knowledge during the panels.

Paula Gamble will moderate the first panel on the Best Tech Stack/Habits to Accelerate an Early Stage Startup. This panel will cover the essential tools and technologies that every early-stage startup needs to succeed. From cloud computing to data analytics, you'll learn everything you need to know to accelerate your startup's growth.

The second panel, moderated by Melissa Allen, will cover how to build a recession-proof startup as an U30 founder. This panel will explore the strategies and tactics that young entrepreneurs can use to develop a resilient startup that withstands economic downturns. From diversifying revenue streams to creating a strong brand, you'll get all the tips and advice you need to build a successful startup in any economic climate.

But that's not all! During the event, you'll have the opportunity to network with other U30 founders, VCs, and tech executives, as well as meet the hosts for the day: Microsoft for Startups and LOI. Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub brings people, knowledge, and technology together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges. And LOI, founded by Hootsuite Founder Ryan Holmes, is a charity that aims to increase the velocity of young entrepreneurs under 30. Over 250 startups and $1B of value have been created in the ecosystem.

So, if you're a U30 founder looking to gain valuable insights, network with industry professionals, and enjoy a fantastic lunch, be sure to attend the U30 Founder Lunch and Panel hosted by Microsoft and LOI! Sign up today and get ready to take your startup to the next level!

Date and Time:

Friday, April 14 2023: 11am-2pm EST


CIBC Square

81 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5J 0E7

Written by
Luna Crawford

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