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Exciting Times for Restaurants with Exciting New DYNE Features

Our CTO and co-founder, Parsa Riahi, discusses the launch of our new features in an interview with the founder of Vancouver Tech Journal, William Johnson, at the Collision 2023 conference.

Watch the full interview here.

A Vision Bridging Empathy and Technology

DYNE's vision was rooted in the challenges the restaurant industry faced during and after the pandemic. During the pandemic, over 3 million jobs were lost, with many establishments turning to high-commission delivery platforms, further eroding their profit margins, and even a lot of them experiencing the worst case scenario by having to shut down completely. DYNE’s drive was not just to recover what was lost but to revolutionize the restaurant industry and operations, using AI and analytics, while providing these tools for business owners to be able make the most impactful and positive decisions by leveraging DYNE. And ever since DYNE’s been on its journey to solely achieve this!

A New Way Forward for Restaurants

The DYNE dashboard isn't just another tech tool, it's a partner for restaurant owners. It provides the much-needed relief of being able to focus on their culinary passions without the constant worry of adapting to new market conditions and demands. Restaurants using the DYNE dashboard reported a staggering three times profit margin growth, two and a half times new traffic, and a significant reduction in inventory costs and food waste together.

One of the standout new features of the DYNE dashboard is its generative AI marketing tool. It uses automated text from chatgpt, image generation from DYNE’s own internal models, and even auto-scheduling of marketing based on customer demand analytics. By being able to gather all the online reviews together, these tools allow your campaign to use the ideal content and ideal image according to your customers’ analytics. This powerful feature allows even restaurants without a dedicated marketing person/team to launch effective marketing campaigns that attract new customers while also focusing on retaining the existing ones.

Additionally, the dashboard utilizes vast data, tracking over 100,000 people's location, event, and foot-traffic data per province and state across North America. Thus, offers insights into where a restaurant's target demographics are in order to best target them specifically, minimize marketing costs, and witness the new traffic that is brought in. 

Beyond the new marketing features, DYNE's supply chain AI optimizes and automates operations, from dynamically pricing menu items in different times of the day, to allowing the perfect number of staffing and never having to worry about being under or overstaffed with demand forecasting, to reducing inventory costs alongside the food waste that is coming out of a restaurant.

As Johnson, Founder of the Van Tech Journal, states in the interview, “It all sounds like a great example of how people and businesses can leverage AI, not to get rid of people but to really augment people and really augment human power”.

The Impact Beyond the Restaurant Industry

The dashboards' new features and tools aren't limited to just restaurants or even the hospitality industry. From nightclubs and law firms to urban planning projects, businesses across various domains are able to use the power of the DYNE dashboard to their business’ benefit and transform their operations. In these challenging times marked by labor shortages and inflation, DYNE offers a tool to reassure business owners that so much more can be done with very little and that their decisions can be instantly impactful, positive, and significant for their business. It is an exciting time as one thing that started with solely restaurants is expanding and affecting all other types of businesses’ and people's lives positively.

Partnerships That Amplify Growth

Backed by Microsoft and in partnerships with tech giants like OpenAI, Oracle, Square, and Toast, alongside other 35 partnerships in the tech industry, DYNE's growth trajectory has been exponential over the years. Demonstrating a growth of 25x in the last year and from only having 30 clients a year ago, DYNE today proudly works with over 800 clients, ranging from global brands like Starbucks and Earls, to local mom-and-pop shops. These partnerships allowed DYNE to bridge the gap between technology and restaurant operations, meanwhile making it possible for restaurants to understand their customers, their competitors, and operational data comprehensively to assist in crucial decision making around inventory, pricing, staffing, marketing and even expansion. Moreover, they have allowed DYNE to grow across Canada and expand into the U.S., starting with launching in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Boston. DYNE Co-Founder and CTO, Parsa Riahi,  states they’re looking to expand further and see how we can make sure that every restaurant across North America is benefited from these new and upcoming features by leveraging the trust and support that their partners have put in DYNE.

DYNE's mission goes beyond business profitability as it's also about building resilient local economies and driving sustainable development. DYNE believes they can create this community that allows for every small business and local economy to benefit from new innovative ways that drive community outreach, minimize food waste, and see sustainable development growing across the spaces. If you're a business owner, whether you’re a restaurant owner or not, looking to drive traffic further, grow profit margins, or expand to new locations contact our team today and sign-up for a demo right away!

Watch our CTO and co-founder, Parsa Riahi, talk about the launch of our new features in an interview with the founder of Vancouver Tech Journal, William Johnson, at the Collision 2023 conference.

Written by
Gizem Keskin

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