What Does Your Favourite UBC Restaurant Say About You?

Read further to find out what your favourite restaurant on campus says about you!

From stir fry to pizza, it's time to explore the UBC eating scene and discover who you really are based on where you decide to grab a bite. Get ready for a flavorful journey as we uncover the secrets of your true identity through some delicious research. Read further to find out what your favourite restaurant on campus says about you!

Triple O’s:

You are sensible and like to stick to the classics. You are very dependable, just like the Triple O’s Tuesday promotion.

Tim Hortons:

You are very patient since you are fine with waiting in very long lines. You have a sweet tooth and have a hankering for fine Canadian cuisine. You cannot wake up in the morning without your Double-Double.

DownLow Chicken:

You are adventurous and love to try out new things. You are ahead of trends and tell everyone that the original DownLow Chicken location is better. You deem yourself as the fried chicken expert in your friend circle.

Body Energy Club:

You love fitness and nutrition. You are always seen with a smoothie in one hand and a dumbbell in the other. You skip class to sneak in an extra chest day at Gold’s Gym.

Rain or Shine:

You are a child at heart and if Rain or Shine was open earlier you would have ice cream for breakfast. You don’t think it’s crazy to have ice cream everyday even though there’s a torrential downpour almost everyday in Vancouver.


You like to frequent the Pit on Wednesdays. You think that nothing will ever be more satisfying than inhaling McNuggets at 2AM after a night out. You truly believe that happy meals bring happy people together.

Written by
Luna Crawford

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