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Savouring Success: The Shen Sushi Story with DYNE

Shen Sushi, faced challenges as immigrant entrepreneurs navigating language barriers and marketing hurdles. With the support of DYNE, they saw a significant increase in brand awareness and online engagement, allowing them to focus on what matters most - providing exceptional dining experiences and fostering genuine connections with their patrons.


Located at 4219 Hastings Street, in the heart of Burnaby, British Columbia, Shen Sushi is a mom-and-pop restaurant known for its unique sushi rolls. From the moment you step inside, you can sense the strong emphasis that Shen Sushi places on spending quality time together as a family-run business. 

At the forefront is Jade L., an immigrant entrepreneur, managing the business side, while her husband is the head chef in the kitchen. Their two daughters occasionally add their creative flair by helping create the restaurant's decor, bringing warmth to the interior.


Jade is a determined woman who arrived in Canada in 2008 without any prior knowledge of English and faced the familiar challenges of small business ownership in a foreign country—endless tasks that keep piling up and are hard to keep track of, language barriers, and limited marketing expertise in a new environment. Shen Sushi is her first restaurant, and there is so much to learn continuously.

We're immigrants to Canada, for us, we don't know English the best. It's not our first language, so it's a challenge for us.


Enter DYNE, an innovative marketing tool that propels small businesses like Shen Sushi forward. DYNE's approach was pragmatic. Understanding the core of Shen Sushi's narrative, DYNE strategically leveraged social media to amplify the brand. Shen Sushi's platform now captures the restaurant's essence, featuring the family restaurant's culinary artistry, exclusive promotions, and the occasional glimpses into its festive decorations. 

I share my budget and my idea. They can just exactly, you know, DYNE understands the requirement set by me. So, that's the reason why I want to partner with DYNE.

DYNE streamlined Shen Sushi's social media and increased its brand awareness, allowing Jade to focus on restaurant operations. When Shen Sushi used DYNE, there was an increase in reach that multiplied by +39.8% and +77.7% in website URL visits from Instagram. Jade is more confident in running her business because she knows DYNE has her back.

I feel confident, you get some confidence. Yeah from that company DYNE.

DYNE has been the marketing support system for Jade, allowing her to focus her energies on what she truly loves most - managing the restaurant. Jade is passionate about creating a warm and welcoming ambience for every patron who walks through the doors, curating a beautiful menu, and engaging in meaningful conversations with customers. With DYNE's assistance, Jade can now devote all her time and attention to ensuring that every aspect of the restaurant runs smoothly and every patron leaves with a smile.

If you feel happy, the customers will feel happy... They make me happy and they are happy not only because they're the customers in my restaurant, but because they treat me as a friend. I hope my friends always feel happy. So I don’t think about it, as you know, as only customer service. It's just like a relationship with the customer, from customer to becoming a friend.

Jade has found that out of all the companies offering marketing services, DYNE has consistently delivered the best results for her. Because of this, she recommends the DYNE platform to restaurants seeking to improve their marketing efforts. 

DYNE is the only one company. First one and only one company that I choose to promote to other restaurants.

Shen Sushi is a testament to the potential growth within small family-owned businesses in Canada. The success story of Shen Sushi and DYNE showcased that DYNE aids in boosting restaurants' marketing, and Jade can prioritise quality family time over keeping up with the ever-changing world of marketing trends.

Written by
Luna Crawford

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