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The Email and SMS Playbook for High-Growth Restaurants

Learn to craft resonating content and to apply segmentation, personalization, and interactivity for audience engagement. This guide covers essential strategies, from offers and rewards to mobile optimization and timing, for successful email and SMS campaigns.

Successful restaurant owners recognize the importance of digital marketing in generating growth, cultivating customer loyalty, and increasing profits in the competitive world of restaurant industry. Email and SMS marketing have developed as important tools for connecting with consumers, building lasting relationships, and enticing them to return to your restaurant. Download our free Ebook today to learn how to develop intriguing material that piques your interest, how to use segmentation and personalization to cater to specific interests, and how to use interactive approaches to keep your audience interested and hungry for more. Our Ebook covers all of the important parts of a successful email and SMS marketing campaign, from appealing offers and loyalty benefits to mobile-friendly techniques and strategic timing.

Creating Compelling Content

Any successful email and SMS marketing strategy relies on compelling content. Create aesthetically engaging email newsletters with high-quality photographs of your delectable cuisine. Showcase your restaurant's unique offerings, new menu items, and special events in an engaging manner. Make certain that your material reflects your restaurant's brand identity and promotes the outstanding dining experience that you offer. 

Enticing Offers & Incentives

Loyal guests are not formed on their first visit, rather, loyalty is formed when a guest decides to return. An email or SMS campaign based on first-visit data can mean the difference between a one-time meal and a regular customer. Examine the timing of the messages sent against the customer's most recent order day and time to understand whether your approach's timeliness affects the customer's likelihood of ordering. Incorporate limited-time offers and unique deals for email and SMS subscribers to encourage more people to join your mailing list, enhancing the size and effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Timing is Everything

Successful restaurants that have experienced considerable growth have perfected the art of communicating the appropriate message to the right guests at the right time. Restaurants use time-sensitive text messages sent at the optimal moment when consumers are most likely to make an order to capitalize on customer purchase behavior. Using customer behavior insights, you can plan your SMS platform to send texts automatically and personally once a week during this timeframe. 

For example, you could send a message to a loyal customer that says, "Hey [Name]! Do you have a hankering for a [menu item from his last order] right now? We certainly are. Order now and use the code LUNCHTIME to save $5 on your meal.”

Celebrating Customer Milestones

Many restaurants confine their efforts to birthday promotions, however, high-growth restaurants apply the same ideas to numerous customer milestones. Some other milestones to consider might be first order/sign-up anniversaries, hitting specified order totals, and earning loyalty programme tier are all common instances. Configuring your email or SMS platform to send personalized messages to your subscribers automatically is key to execute this idea with minimal continuous effort. 

Mobile-Friendly Approach

In today's mobile-first environment, it's critical to make your email and SMS marketing initiatives mobile-friendly. Because many customers read their emails and messages on their smartphones, your content must be responsive and visually appealing on smaller devices. Use mobile-responsive email templates that adjust to multiple devices while keeping the layout intact and readable. A mobile-first strategy will improve the entire user experience and boost the likelihood of customers acting on your offers. 

A/B Testing

The key to optimizing your email and SMS marketing operations is continuous development. A/B testing entails developing two versions of your emails or messages and sending them to various segments of your audience to see which performs better. Analyze each test's findings to find trends and insights. Use the data from A/B testing to improve your strategy and modify future efforts to better fit your customers' tastes and expectations

Don't miss out on the opportunity to dive deeper into these crucial topics and level up your your marketing strategy by downloading our free Ebook "The Email and SMS Playbook for High-Growth Restaurants View," and embark on the journey to greater success.

Written by
Gizem Keskin

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