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Finding Synergy in Growth - DYNE in Toronto

Read the latest updates on what is going on with the Toronto DYNE team and what they have been up to from November 2022 until February 2023!

It’s finally here!

We are delighted to announce DYNE’s launch in the city of tomorrow - Toronto, we’ve officially landed.

Hot off the trail of our seed round in January, this presents a milestone for our rapidly expanding company as we look to make our mark in Toronto’s restaurant and technology industries.

At DYNE, our team is committed to digitally transforming the restaurant industry through a synergetic blend of AI and analytic services, while supporting community building endeavours across Canada using DYNE.

It would be amiss to not recognize a key catalyst in our exponential rise; a timely visit from DYNE’s CEO, Arnav Mishra, proved essential in establishing foundational elements key to our company’s growth. Significantly, the team’s pitch at Microsoft Community Night proved tremendously opportunistic, as it enabled a strategic showcase of DYNE’s progress, further establishing our intent in the startup-industry’s competitive landscape. The CEO’s magic continues to work wonders for our team; a quick, but effective visit to the OneEleven 111 offices proved highly important - DYNE is now thrilled to announce our official partnership with the OneEleven community as a member of their innovative workspace.

Nevertheless, the show doesn’t end there;  DYNE embodies a forward-facing mentality, and we have an exciting month ahead for you. Here’s what’s cooking - our team is working toward carrying out a city-wide festival, incorporating a mouth-watering lineup of nearly 50 restaurants, culminating in a celebration of Toronto’s limitless catalog of fusion-based food culture. You heard it here first - DYNEFest is coming, and coming in hot.

Looking back on our growth, DYNE’s soft launch in November yielded thrilling results right off the mark. Our company has been in collaboration with university organizations on a city-wide scale, with highlights encompassing networking events involving York University’s Entrepreneurship Development Association and University of Toronto’s Economics Club. Moreover, our initiatives extend further toward organic growth within Toronto’s network of student-led organizations, through the sponsorship of cultural events hosted by The Citizenship Foundation at UofT, as well as social mixers with Toronto’s Greek Life communities.

Looking to get involved in reshaping the future of restaurants on both national & international levels? Or want to invest in the change that we're bringing to the restaurant scene? Feel free to reach out to us on our instagram @dyne.yyz or email Business Development Director Mani Panahandeh at

Written by
Avkash Pappu

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