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Our Comprehensive Ebook: "Top 5 AI Trends Transforming Restaurant's Codes"

Keep up with the AI trends transforming the restaurant industry in various ways, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing operations, and improving overall efficiency. Download our Ebook today to learn everything about these trends and get ahead of the competition!

With the constant evolution and impact of ever changing technology, the restaurant industry is getting its fair share of transformation too. AI and new technologies are significantly transforming the restaurant industry in various ways, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing operations, and improving overall efficiency. Download our Ebook today to get ahead with the top 5 AI trends that are transforming the industry. Here are some key ways in which AI and technology are driving these transformations! 

Restaurant Automation

According to Capterra’s 2022 Automation Survey, 80% of the restaurants taking part in the survey were all using three or even more automation tools while the other 20% were either using one or two automation tools, or none at all. Restaurants’ main focus of automation were firstly on employee management and customer-experience, followed by online customer experience, output management, and then on inventory management. McKinsey’s 2021 “Succeeding in the AI Supply Chain Revolution” study demonstrated that businesses using  automation and AI for supply chain management increased their revenue more than 5%, reduced logistics costs 17%, reduced supply chain costs 10%, reduced inventory levels 20%, and increased their service standards 60%. If you'd like a quick in-depth read about AI tools for restaurants to automate and optimize some operations check out our blog post Top 6 AI Tools for Restaurants in 2023!

AI & Restaurant Operations

Currently, AI is being utilized in inventory and supply chain management, helping to decrease logistics and supply chain costs, reduce inventory levels, increase order capacity and increase service standards in restaurants. In addition, smart kitchens and AI-enabled cooking appliances are transforming the food industry by enhancing food safety,  improving cooking processes, ensuring consistent food quality, and reducing labor costs. The need for labor is reducing with technological advancements like digital menu boards, mobile ordering and payment apps, online reservations and waitlist management systems, and kitchen automation systems. These tools are improving customer satisfaction and online customer experience, reducing wait times, optimizing operations and increasing operational efficiency. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are being used to interact with customers, take orders, answer questions, and provide personalized and efficient experiences. Data and performance analytics is helping restaurants analyze customer data and trends, for demand and sales forecasting, personalized promotions, improved offerings, and so much more. A way that you can benefit from these developments is using ChatGPT to optimize your menu, especially if you have a customer data at hand. You can check out our blog post, which provides a step-by-step guide for this purpose. Lastly, AI is also playing a role in enhancing security and surveillance systems in restaurants, addressing concerns about theft, fraud, and safety issues.

The In-Depth Guide

Overall, AI is making a significant impact on the restaurant industry, improving customer service, operational efficiency, and decision-making processes. It is expected that new emerging technology, including AI, will continue to play an increasingly important role in the industry and how it's shaped in the coming years. If you’d like to learn more and gain an advantage over your competitors you can download our Ebook, which discusses the significance of AI in the restaurant industry and how it is transforming various aspects of operations. It covers topics such as enhancing customer experience with technology through AI-driven personalized recommendations and conversational AI chatbots, and optimizing operations through AI-powered inventory and supply chain management, smart kitchens and AI-enabled cooking appliances, alongside AI-enhanced security and surveillance systems.

Written by
Gizem Keskin

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