Dynin' Out with Tim Johnson

Join us as we explore the convergence of love and technology with the CEO and COO of Couply, an innovative platform that blends the timeless wisdom of the Five Love Languages with cutting-edge technology.

Tim Johnson is the CEO and Co-founder of Couply, the app that helps couples create better relationships. Couply helps couples deepen their connection, improve communication and create an incredible relationship! Whether it's your 10th date or 10th anniversary, Couply can help you keep the spark alive.

Tim mentions that being a founder is demanding and can take a toll on one's personal life, but he considers it a privilege to be spreading love and helping people around the world through his company.

Does that sound interesting to you?

Catch the full episode here.

Email Tim@couply.io or add him on LinkedIn and tell him you listened to this pod!

Written by
Nainika Sanghvi

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