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DYNE and Microsoft to Host "Tech To The Table" Webinar

Discover how DYNE, in collaboration with Microsoft and as a participant in the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with AI. Join us on May 14th for the "Tech To The Table" webinar, where industry leaders will discuss strategies to optimize foot traffic and operational efficiency through AI.

The restaurant industry, a global economic cornerstone, faces rising challenges like increasing food costs, intense competition, and the high cost of living reducing foot traffic. To navigate these issues, restauranteurs are turning to AI and other innovations. According to a 2024 study by the National Restaurant Association, the food service sector is expecting to hit $1 trillion in sales by 2024, with 45% of operators anticipating fiercer competition than last year, highlighting the urgent need for adaptation in this evolving market.

The need to adopt new technologies to stay relevant is crucial and ever-changing. The use of AI, such as ChatGPT, to help cut down time on marketing tasks like creating social media content ideas, email marketing headlines, and social media captions. This now brings on a new issue: With all these different technologies, how can you learn to maximize these tools to their full advantage and actually cut down costs?

To help restaurant owners learn all that AI can do to support their restaurants, DYNE, in collaboration with Microsoft, is proud to announce that they are hosting an upcoming webinar, “Tech To The Table” on May 14th, 2024 from 11am-12pm PST. DYNE and Microsoft will bring on thought leaders in the Food and Beverage industry to share solutions tailored to the most prevalent issues plaguing restaurants. If you are a small restaurant owner and operator wanting to learn how AI can help you get more foot traffic, this webinar is for you.

A diverse panel, including representatives from Microsoft, academia, customers, and DYNE, will discuss compelling topics related to the industry’s successes and failures. The topics will focus on “Technology in RestaurantMarketing” and “Operational Efficiency and Forecasting.” The panelists will explore how to create impressionable ad campaigns, dynamic menu technology, pricing management, and demand forecasting.

As involved pillars of the Food and Beverage industry, DYNE andMicrosoft’s collaboration is a perfect pairing. DYNE is a comprehensive restaurant solution designed to tackle restaurants’ wide range of issues. It aims to help from small restaurants struggling with marketing campaigns to enterprise-level chains of restaurants experiencing difficulties with inventory management and expansion.

“Microsoft is committed to leveraging the power of technology to support businesses in all industries,” says ShiSh Shridhar, Global RetailStartups Lead from Microsoft. “We are excited to be working with DYNE to develop actionable solutions that will help restaurants drive foot-traffic in an ever-changing technological landscape.”

DYNE is also thrilled that its participation in the Microsoft forStartups Pegasus Program will work with DYNE towards achieving its global expansion objectives and enhancing its service to the restaurant industry. As one of the leading Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) solution providers in the Pegasus Program, DYNE is joining forces with Microsoft to bring innovative solutions for QSRs, promising significant advancements for both the hospitality and restaurant sector and the technology realm.

If you want further insight into DYNE’s and Microsoft’s joint efforts to improve the restaurant community, look no further than attending the“Tech To The Table”. The conversations promise to deliver comprehensive insights and actionable strategies to attendees.

For more information on how to attend the webinar, please check out the event page here. If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please contact

About DYNE:

DYNE is the AI for restaurants. It doubles profit margins and quintuples marketing traffic, all while slashing costs. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, DYNE provides a seamless experience to help you manage your restaurant operations. From automating your marketing to streamlining supply chains, DYNE has everything you need to optimise your ERP and boost your restaurants’ efficiency.

Written by
Luna Crawford

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