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An Evaluation of our Competitors and How They Compare to DYNE

Nowadays as a restaurant owner there are so many different platforms that are being advertised and too many to choose from. Discover what makes DYNE stand out from others, with our restaurant automation, management and analytics software, and data-driven decision making.

As a restaurant owner, you know that there are too many platforms available in the market. Skip The Dishes and Uber Eats focus on food delivery while Trufl, Tock, and Sevenrooms offer booking services for your dine-in experiences but all lack the powerful insights needed to make informed decisions about your service offerings. At DYNE we've created an easy to use analytics platform combining Dine-In Machine Learning with gamified mobile apps that drive real time business critical decisions - one simple solution for gaining total insight into both aspects of running a successful hospitality venue!

At DYNE, our team is devoted to bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. We strive to foster B2B growth by connecting B2C communities. This enables both businesses and customers alike to be able to benefit from each other. With the accurate guidance that our dashboard offers, restaurants are able to make informed business decisions. With our app, all the users have access to coupons that restaurants put out. To read more about what the DYNE Dashboard provides to restaurant owners, including everything from management software to automation and data-driven decision making, check out our blog post here.

Why do others fail?

  • Restaurants pay high delivery commissions to get their insights on only basic restaurant services.
  • Users pay high "freemium" fees on social apps without getting many discounts in return.

How are we different?

  • With our free app we incentivize app users to promote high retention rates, we do this by having exclusive coupons and a gamified experience that gets you real cash back!
  • Restaurants earn more by filling more restaurant seats.
  • Drive customer loyalty with Dine-in Analytics that you can easily access at any time.

How do we do it better?

  • Restaurants pay a flat fee for our restaurant dashboard.
  • DYNE grows communities of returning customers using our in-app incentives.
  • Proprietary dataset continuously building to bring a better experience for you.

Book a demo or reach out to our team today with to see how you can drive your restaurant’s operational efficiency and maximize profits with DYNE!

Written by
Luna Crawford

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