The Top Foodie Influencers in Vancouver

5 Foodie Influencers in Vancouver that you should follow!

Vancouver is a foodie paradise! From fine dining to laid-back, local spots, the city offers countless delicious options.

If you’re looking for recommendations and mouth-watering posts from other passionate foodies in the area, look no further. Here are our top  picks of Vancouver restaurant bloggers who have made it their mission to bring you tasty dishes from around the city.

1. Deanna Woo – @deannawoo

Deanna is one of the most popular food bloggers in Vancouver and her pictures will make your stomach grumble with delight. Her page features drool-worthy photos and reviews of some of Metro Vancouver’s best restaurants.

2. Vivian – @dinevancity

This Instagram account provides an eclectic mix of culinary delights ranging from high-end restaurants to cosy neighbourhood hangouts. Follow this mouth-watering feed for travel tips and amazing eats in Canada’s third largest city!

3. V. F. A. – @vancouverfoodsaddiction

They are a seasoned Vancouver food blogger who loves exploring different cuisines around town and sharing their adventures online. Their colourful posts feature everything from gourmet burgers to exotic delicacies like spicy tonkatsu!

4. Meg  – @eatwithmegg

Meg loves sharing stories about her culinary explorations on her blog and Instagram account while also offering helpful advice on how best to navigate the city’s ever-growing food scene!

5. Soph + John – @sopheats

Another exciting food blogger in Vancouver is Sophia. She shares reviews about local joints that highlight both cost-effectiveness and quality — if a spot doesn't get her stamp of approval it won't be featured on her profile!

Written by
Luna Crawford

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