The Best Food Spots at UBC

Are you a hungry UBC student? We got you! Check out our favourite restuarant picks at UBC.

Located in the heart of a diverse city, UBC is a top-ranking university with a large international student population. As such, there are many options for food on campus that reflect the flavours and cultures from around the world. Students can explore an array of cuisine offerings, from traditional favourites to more exotic dishes, all in one place — making UBC an ideal place to expand your palate. Read more on our top eatery picks at UBC!

Blue Chip Cafe

They are located in the AMS Nest and are known for their giant and soft cookies. Their cookies are perfect for that little pick me up between classes. With a 4.2 star rating on Google, plenty of people agree.

Great Dane Coffee

If you are looking for sandwiches made with delicious freshly baked focaccia then Great Dane is the place to go! If you're in a hurry in the morning, they even offer breakfast sandwiches for on-the-go convenience. They have garnered a 4.3 star rating which makes them one of the top cafes on campus to check out.


Kokoro is located in University Village. Once you climb the stairs to get to the second floor you will have plenty of flavourful ramen options to try. It is perfect to eat on a rainy day on campus (which is every other day in Vancouver). They boast a 4.4 star rating, making them one of the top restaurants to dine at UBC.


Mercante offers the best wood-fired pizza options on campus. They are situated near Ponderosa and have a variety of pizzas to choose from and then they are made to order. They also offer vegan pizza options for our plant-based Dyners. They are rated 4.1 stars so definitely swing by to try out all their pizzas!

Jamjar Canteen

Looking for a place with a bunch of tasty meat, vegetarian, and vegan options? Jamjar features a Mediterranean menu with plenty of healthy selections like their chicken shawarma wrap or their falafel bowl. Make sure to stop by here to see why they are rated 4.3 stars overall.

The Corner Kitchen

Love Korean fried chicken? How about other authentic Korean dishes like bibimbap? Corner Kitchen provides the best Korean food on campus hands down. They have spicy food for the adventurous Dyner and non-spicy options for the Dyners who want to keep their cool. With a user rating of 4.2 stars on Google, many people concur!

Written by
Luna Crawford

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