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Boost Your Restaurant's Efficiency with DYNE’s Templates for Restaurants

Here are all the essential templates you need for tip calculations, PR budgeting, marketing and content scheduling. These are crafted exclusively and meticulously for the needs of restaurants, in order to simplify operations, take the load off your shoulders, and increase efficiency. Plus, they're free!

Are you a manager or owner of a restaurant trying to improve performance and optimize operations? Effective planning and organization can be essential for your operations and efficiency in order to have time left for critical decision-making and customer support. Luckily, as DYNE we have your back! We are excited to offer a variety of essential Excel sheet templates designed exclusively to simplify complex tasks for restaurants and lighten the load off of your shoulders. We’ll be sharing our templates for you to easily work on tip calculations, PR budgeting, marketing scheduling, and content budgeting. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to these valuable resources that you can download freely, and show you how they can transform your restaurant's success 

Tip Pooling Calculator:

Efficiently managing tips is crucial for both your staff and your business. Our meticulously crafted Excel sheet template takes the guesswork out of calculating tips, ensuring your team of employees receive the compensation they deserve. Simply start by filling out the Employee List page first. Enter their first and last names, role and department (FOH or BOH). Then go to the page of the specific day you’d like to calculate the tips for, and start filling out the hours each employee has worked that day. Next, simply put in the tip amount for each employee (or if you’d like to entire a tip amount for the whole day just write it onto the yellow cell at the bottom of the “Tips” column). Now you can easily use the “Total Tip Out” column to view how much each employee will receive and distribute accordingly. Totally transparent and accurate, this tool will empower you to reward your team of employees fairly and cultivate a positive work environment!

Download tip pooling calculator

PR Budgeting Made Easy:

Public Relations (PR) plays a pivotal role in shaping your restaurant's image and attracting customers. If you’re thinking I don’t have anything to do with PR, think again! PR for your restaurant can include from content like press releases, newsletters, and posts of guests, to events and tradeshows, to media relations and awards. However, managing your PR budget with all of this can be complex. Our PR budgeting Excel template simplifies the process, enabling you to plan and track your PR expenses efficiently. Allocate funds for events, press releases, influencer collaborations, and more, while keeping an eye on your first-hand budgeting and actual spending. A well-managed PR budget can elevate your restaurant's visibility and growth in the industry.

Download PR budgeting template

Marketing Schedule Template:

Strategic marketing campaigns are essential for driving foot traffic, attracting new customers and maintaining a loyal customer base. Our marketing scheduling Excel template allows you to create well-organized marketing plans that encompass various channels, including social media, email marketing, promotions, while also giving space to market research, web development, and sales campaigns for your restaurant. Plan campaigns ahead of time by itemizing different elements of each campaign and scheduling by week, monitor their progress, and adjust your strategy as needed, all with this user-friendly and visually appealing template.

Download marketing schedule template

Content Budgeting Template:

Engaging and relevant content is crucial for captivating your audience and showcasing your restaurant's unique offerings. Our content budgeting Excel template simplifies the process, allowing you to plan your budget beforehand and track your spendings every month. You can easily allocate funds from software to publishing tools, to services and freelancers, which altogether ensure you maintain a consistent and impactful online presence.

Download content budgeting template

By utilizing these Excel sheet templates for your restaurant, you’ll mainly be able to have a better financial control by maintaining an accurate budget, enabling you to track your spending, prevent overspending, and spot potential cost-saving options. In addition, these will result in an increased efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent on manual calculations, planning and tracking, to free up more time for your strategic decision-making and customer support for your restaurant’s and customers’ benefit!

Visit our resources page on our website today and access these invaluable templates and download for free, for your restaurant's growth and success!

Written by
Gizem Keskin

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