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Your first connection: Make both your stomachs and wallets happy!

Are you a newbie to the meetup world? No problem! This post will tell you everything you need to know to make your first DYNE meetup a smashing success. Only thing you need to do is get ready to connect with friends and make your stomachs and wallets happy!

Are you a newbie to the meetup world? No problem! This post will tell you everything you need to know to make your first DYNE meetup a smashing success. From reserving restaurants that interest you to budgeting for a night out, we've got you covered. So get ready to connect with friends and make your stomachs and wallets happy!

That's what DYNE does best! And today, I want to show you how we do just that.

Hi! My name is Parsa and I'm the co-founder of DYNE, and this is the second of a 5 part series on how DYNE helps you connect with friends old and new, discover the best hidden gems and events in the city, get rewarded with coupons and gift cards, and how we help you create communities based on your interests. The topics are as follows:

  1. The people on Dyne: your guide to re-finding your friends
  2. (This one!) Your first connection! Reconnect with an old friend and make both your stomachs and wallets happy!
  3. Hidden Gems and the race to find them: Discover quests and challenges in your city and compete for the grand prize!
  4. Dyne Nights! The only place to find the best events at the best prices
  5. Your own pocket-sized yacht club?! How Dyne lets you discover new communities full of people like you!

Find meetups that interest you and your friends

DYNE is a social media platform that wants to help connect you with your friends and find new ones - while avoiding the toxicity and insincerity of the big giants. To help with that, we are launching a new feature called Motives

What is a motive you may ask? It’s a grouping of similar interests, ie the great outdoors or fitness enthusiasts. 

What do motives do? Motives are an easy way to get started instantly on DYNE and connect with communities of people just like you! When two people share the same motives, they can access motive-exclusive events, chats, and quests. All you have to do is enter your interests and DYNE takes care of the rest! 

You can see a full demo in the video here, but we also walk you through it in the next paragraph just in case! Here’s how it works:

Create an account on DYNE and enter your interests. You will then be shown a catered selection of motives that may peak your interest, after selecting one, you will see four options: “People”, “Quests”, “Chat”, and “Events”. This article is a continuation on the previous one which focused on “People”, where you can find other Dyners and foodies who have similar interests to you. I recommend you check it out here before reading on. Once you add a friend you will have the opportunity to meetup or just start chatting. Today we will be talking about meetups, which let you connect with someone over food in just 5 clicks with personalized restaurant recommendations, the best deals in the city, and automatic reservations! 

Once you have created a meetup, send a message to the automatically created group chat to get the conversation started and iron out any scheduling issues directly in the meetup details. If you are receiving a meetup invite, let the host know your availability by Accepting or Declining the meetup. You can always reschedule after accepting but if your decline your chance at connection might just disappear! The last step comes at the restaurant, where your meetup is automatically confirmed when you enter the restaurant. We also make it easy for you to see who is on their way or already at the table through real time notifications so that you can arrive as fashionably late as you like without missing your reservation. Once you’re seated, you can simply ask your server to apply all of your DYNE Discounts to your bill or if you are at one of our partner restaurants and are ordering by QR code, then your deals will be calculated automatically to make sure that you get the most value out of every meetup! By meeting up with friends through DYNE motives, you can connect with all the most interesting people in your city over a great meal and get great discounts while you’re at it!

The benefits of using DYNE 

Beyond all the fun stuff we mentioned before, its really the rewards and deals you get after a meetup that seal the deal. With every meetup created or confirmed, you earn DYNE Bucks (DB), our in-app currency, which you can use to redeem for exclusive coupons, deals, and gift cards at all your favorite restaurants. And did you know that some coupons are reserved for large groups of people or for loyal customers of a particular restaurant? We even have flash deals that are only available for a week that give crazy discounts – so make sure to keep an eye on our Coupon Marketplace for all the latest deals!

Have a great time and make some new friends!

DYNE is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. The meetup feature makes it easy to create connections and enjoy restaurants with like-minded people. You can also continue the conversation with the same groups for many meetups to come, which is a great way to stay connected with new friends and make the most of your DYNE experience. There are motives for almost every interest, so you're sure to find one that's right for you. And if you can't find a motive that matches your interests, you can always email us and suggest your own at! 

So what are you waiting for? Create your next meetup and DYNE with us! You won’t regret it – I promise. And if you download our app now, you can get started on finding like-minded individuals and restaurants that interest you right away. We can’t wait to see you out there having fun and making new friends while saving money. See you soon!

Written by
Parsa Riahi

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