Dyning' Out with Pranav Menon

Join Pranav Menon as he discusses mentorship, personal growth, and his love for food. Discover new dishes and experiences in this thought-provoking podcast!

Join Pranav Menon, Director of "The Knowledge Society", as he discusses mentorship and personal growth, as well as his thoughts on food. Pranav mentions his love for trying different foods, including curd and rice. He joins CTO Parsa Riahi in a conversation about the joy of discovering new dishes and the experiences that come with it. Learn about his shift from telling people what to do to empowering them to make decisions, and hear about his mission to graduate 20-30,000 students in the next decade and how he aims to build a global community of high-performing individuals. Get insights on the power of serendipity and the philosophy of being curious and engaged in the world. Don't miss this thought-provoking podcast!

Listen to the full episode here.

Written by
Nainika Sanghvi

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