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DYNE Nights! The only place to find the best events at the best prices

Are you looking for something new to do in the city? Looking for a good time without breaking the bank? Then DYNE Nights are your answer! DYNE is the best place to find events at the best prices.

Are you looking for something new to do in the city? Looking for a good time without breaking the bank? Then DYNE Nights are your answer! DYNE is the best place to find events at the best prices. Whether you’re into music, food, or good company, we have something for everyone. Come check us out and see what all the fuss is about! You won’t be disappointed.

Hi! My name is Parsa and I’m the co-founder of DYNE, and this is the fourth of a 5 part series on how DYNE helps you connect with friends old and new, discover the best hidden gems and events in the city, get rewarded with coupons and gift cards, and how we help you create communities based on your interests. The topics are as follows:

  1. The people on Dyne: your guide to re-finding your friends
  2. Your first connection! Reconnect with an old friend and make both your stomachs and wallets happy!
  3. Hidden Gems and the race to find them: Discover quests and challenges in your city and compete for the grand prize!
  4. (This one!) Dyne Nights! The only place to find the best events at the best prices
  5. Your own pocket-sized yacht club?! How Dyne lets you discover new communities full of people like you!

What are DYNE Nights all about?

DYNE Nights is our events service for all of DYNE’s partner restaurants! It’s a monthly gathering of like-minded individuals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of community. We believe that through good people, good drink, and good food, we will foster a community of foodies that is constantly pushing the DYNE standard. Each DYNE Night has a different focus, ranging from trivia nights to beer gardens to discussing the latest social causes. No matter what the focus is, DYNE Nights is always an opportunity to meet new people and learn something new, while also getting amazing deals on food. So whether you’re a Dyne novice or a seasoned pro, we invite you to come DYNE with us!

Some of the events that we’ve had:

You can see some of our past events from our blog and instagram feed over the last year, where we provide INSANE deals to all DYNE users like $12 all you can eat Italian food or $4 Beer and bites. Check them out here:

How DYNE Nights works

DYNE is a social media platform that wants to help connect you with your friends and find new ones – while avoiding the toxicity and insincerity of the big giants. To help with that, we are launching a new feature called Motives! DYNE is always on the lookout for adventurers and spontaneous individuals to introduce to our quests! To find out what DYNE has in store for you, you can use Motives to find quests that align with your interests.

What is a motive and what do they do?

Motives are a grouping of similar interests, ie the great outdoors or fitness enthusiasts. They are an easy way to get started instantly on DYNE and connect with communities of people just like you! When two people share the same motives, they can access motive-exclusive events, chats, and quests. All you have to do is enter your interests and DYNE takes care of the rest!

You can see a full demo in the video here, but we also walk you through it in the next paragraph just in case!

Here’s how it works:

Create an account on DYNE and enter your interests. You will then be shown a catered selection of motives that may peak your interest, after selecting one, you will see four options: “People”, “Quests”, “Chat”, and “Events”. This article is a standalone one all about Events. Regardless, I recommend you check out our previous article here before reading on. The cool part about events is that you don’t need to know anyone on DYNE to get started! Click on the “Events” button to get started and see all the upcoming DYNE Nights and Restaurant Promotions in your area. You can either use the explore page or the marketplace page to see them all. We make it simple to buy your ticket, invite your friends, and see all the best event deals going on across town in one app. Choose a event and select “Buy Tickets” to enter your payment information, complete your purchase, invite your friends and be notified of all updates through your email and the app. You can even get a glimpse of who else will be coming before the event starts!

Why DYNE Nights is such a great deal

Unlike our Quests feature, most events are one-offs, and so the deals can get really crazy! Most events are half-price or less, and you can save even more money by leveling up your account as you do more events and quests! Every week you can see a new collection of the events created by our awesome restaurant owners, and the more people that attend and leave good reviews, the better they can price their deals. The best part is that everyone there is a part of your DYNE community and has the same motives and interests as you, so you never have to worry about not knowing what to talk about!

If you’re looking for a night out on the town, DYNE Nights are definitely worth checking out. With events happening all across the city, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and start planning your night out. We can’t wait to see you at one of our upcoming events!

Written by
Parsa Riahi

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